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December Favorites and Goodbye 2013!

Ova godina se konačno završava, na moju radost i oduševljenje :) Priznajem, bila je dobra godina, bilo je putovanja, druženja sa cool ljudima, novih priča, novih saznanja ali... vreme je da  31-og zatvorim oci i probudim se 01-og januara u boljoj godini :) Imam neki osećaj da će biti  mnogo dobra godina s obzirom da me cekaju poslednji ispiti, putovanja i velika promena  u životu!

                                            HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU!

Here is my last post for this year with monthly favorites:


2. ESSIE NAIL POLISH - Mint Candy Apple & Blanc
  I wanted these two for so long and discovered yesterday they were on sales!

3. Bath & Shower Cream I LOVE....Vanilla & Ice Cream :)
This mix of two couldnt be better! So amazing things can happen if u jump into hot tub with this little miracle or even do a quick shower on your way to daily activites ;)

4. ALDO VANDINI Shower Cream Tahiti Vanilla & Macadamia
Yes, another vanilla shower cream! I was so lost when i went shopping. First i thought this was a body lotion BUT it turned out ...ITS NOT ;) By the time i ve discovered my mistake, i told myself "hey why not treat your body with another one?" :) So here we are! (amazingly smelling)

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all! See you next year! :)


                                GREAT NEWS! HUNTER finally made it and came to Serbia!!!
I was so shocked and positively surprised when i sow their name on OFFICE SHOES store in Delta City!
No need to go back to USA :) Now i have my favorite rain boots right here at 1km in the neighborhood :) How lucky! One small thing like this can make my day go brighter!
I m obssesed with these boots since 2011. I ve been seing them all around in NY but never really bought them. When i was in situation to see them here in Belgrade, on other girls, i always admire and wanted them so bad!
Offcourse i check them out yesterday in the store! From the moment i walked in OFFICE SHOES  i felt like magnetized :D I guess, for this first period in Serbia, the distributor didnt want all of their products but only "best sellers". Too bad beacouse according to Hunter website ( they have some really nice & exclusive things. Hopefully, the sale will be good and we will receive what other countries have!
So here are some of my fav items, from yesterdays visit at OFFICE SHOES, Delta City, Belgrade:


Šifra : W23499-BLK

Kolekcija: Jesen-Zima 2013

Boja : crna

Stara cena: 12490,00 rsd
Cena: 9992,00 rsd


Šifra : W23616-DKR

Kolekcija: Jesen-Zima 2013

Boja : ljubicasta

Stara cena: 12990,00 rsd
Cena: 10392,00 rsd


Šifra : W23177-GRN

Kolekcija: Jesen-Zima 2013

Boja : zelena

Stara cena: 12490,00 rsd
Cena: 9992,00 rsd


Šifra : W23499-RED

Kolekcija: Jesen-Zima 2013

Boja : crvena

Stara cena: 12490,00 rsd
Cena: 9992,00 rsd


Šifra : W23790-BLK

Kolekcija: Jesen-Zima 2013

Boja : crna

Stara cena: 19990,00 rsd
Cena: 15992,00 rsd

Turquoise? I would say Green thing

Another dress from Zara that i ve been in love with from the first sight :) An idea for NY Eve,perhaps?


    100% POLYESTER


Vintage Maya

 I know its been a while and that i m not very active on my blog, but you probably know how hard it is when you are studying and working in the same time. Things can be litlle messy sometimes and i m runing like a mad man everywhere, always late never on time.
Anyway, here are two photos that i ve got from my very good friend Sharon Arnold, an artist from Maine ( i have her photos in some of the earliest posts). I was so thrilled to receive these two vintage pics, so mysterious and covered with deep dark shadow sometimes. U can tell  there is a story about the bride that we lost or she got lost ;) One never knows.
I wish that Sharon & me can do more photos these days, sometimes i feel like doing only dark photos but then my mood change and i flip to fancy/girly pics :)
Until next time,

Ferry dock with swan bride - mady by Sharon Arnold

Crucified bride - made by Sharon Arnold

Mount Desert Island, Maine

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) - Pa...

Here is a song that i've been obseseed lately . We use it at the gym, almost for every workout :) There's something in this song that makes me...different. So light em up,up,up!! :)

Also, i started cardio boxing yesterday for the 1st time and its absolutly amazing and exciting! No more stress, after boxing, lol
On the other side, my hands were totally red and in pain a bit today.. Need pro boxing gloves! xoxo

Oct 2013 Favorites

Here is my first post with monthly favorites! So lets start with the very first one:

1.URIAGE HYSEAC mat cream - Due to my very mixed skin type, i was always wondering for the perfect  good moisturiser but they never really were satisfying. For about last 3 years i've been using Vichy Normaderm collection but this time i wanted somethng new. As with everything in life, u need a change sooner or later. I didnt regret the money i spent on this perfect skin care becouse from the first time on my face its been so wonderfull to have it! My face is blooming, so much smoother and mattified.


The reason i stayed with VICHY family and this two products, is just that i couldnt get rid of these superb stuff! Purifying gel is something i use day/night before and after sleeping every night and mornings. It can clear your face in 10 sec, washed with water. 
On the other hand, as a second base thing, is this tonic wich is 3in1 so u can use it as a makeup remover(even from eyes), cleaner and it soothes your skin. So still no reason to give up on Normaderm VICHY collection.


You can see how much i am "3in1" person. If anything can go together, lets buy it!  I know sometimes thats wrong but i am using this makeup foundation for the last month and its not so bad. Next time i will go for Clinique or Estee Lauder Double Wear but...for now, this one is just perfect.

4. Max Factor Creme Puff pressed powder TRANSLUCENT 05

Very popular these days, but thats not the reason i bought it! I bought it becouse it came with mascara Max Factor 2000 calories, which was once upon a time my favorite mascara! Haha, more about mascara next month ;) This pressed powder is perfect after liquid foundation,even some of you wouldnt approved that. 

5. L'Oreal Glam Shine Lip Balm - DIE FOR GUAVA 915

Even we are all crazy abou flashy lipsticks, this one is just something u need to have in your purse this fall! It got me from the first sec. I was at the cash register,paying other stuff, when i decided that i need SOMETHING MORE ! So i asked the person at the register to hold on and wait for a sec to grab this cute little baby! I suddenlz discovered that these were launched in UK and some countries in other parts in the world, has variety of colours. Die for guava is not coomon in all countries,but Serbia have it!


This hair oil u will only find in DM drugstore which is in my neighborhood, thanks God!
The argan oil totally repairs your damaged hair, it doesnt leave her greasy and its for every day use. It gives your hair the touch of shine and silk! I m thrilled!


Last but not least, as americans would say, this hand creme was last on the shelves screaming out my name! When u see that some product is hanging last on the shelf, u know that it must be good! The sentence and fragrance of this creme is amazing, sweet and yummy! And it moisturize your skin very deep. Too bad its LIMITED EDITION :(

Thats all for now and for October month of 2013. Enjoy in this lovely weekend! 

Once you go black...

U poslednje vreme sam toliko srećna da mislim da to nije normalno! Farbala sam se ponovo u crno posle dve godine ekperimentisanja sa šatiranjem i pokušajem da dobijem svetlo braon boju kose i moram da priznam, da uopšte nije bilo zabavno! Posebno kada uništite svoju kosu kao što sam ja uradila :(
Tako da pokušavam da budem ponovo ja jer ovo sam JA, zena sa crnom kosom, haha

Takodje, prošle nedelje sam probala nadogradnju kose po prvi put u životu. Pre toga, uradila sam tretman keratinom samo da povratim svoju kosu u život...

Uživajte u fotkama,

I ve been so happy lately, that i think its not normal! I dyed my hair black again after two years of experimentation with shading and trying to get light brown hair and i must admit, it s NOT fun! Especially when you ruin your hair like i did :(
So i ve been trying to be myself again coz this is me, black haired woman :)

Also, last week i tried some extension  for my hair for the first time in my life. Before that, i took a keratin treatment just to get my hair back to life...
 Enjoy the photos,

Paint it black

Paint it BLACK!

Zdravo svima! 
Jesen nam je stigla, ne baš omiljeno godišnje doba jer postaje hladno ali i jesen ima svoju draž. Pomislite na one divne večeri kada vam je dovoljno da se umotate u ćebence, stavite sebi čaj i provodite svoje slobodno vreme uz neku dragu osobu, knjigu,tv... Takodje, ja sam veliki fan kaputa i čizmi i obradujem se svakoj novoj Zarinoj kolekciji koja mi donese ovako neke lepe stvari.
Uvek kazem da mi je dosta crnih haljina ali ovo je bila "ljubav na prvi pogled"! Savršen kroj, namerno šiven na spolja, totalno elegantno i zavodljivo.
Imate je u Zari,nova kolekcija. Naravno da ćemo čekati rasprodaju, jer smo na tankom budzetu ovih dana.
Takodje,nije me bilo u poslednjih mesec dana jer sam učila kao luda i moram da se pohvalim da sam konačno položila dva ispita i to u 2 dana,jedan za drugim ;)
Toliko za sada. 

Hello to everyone!
The autumn has arrived, not really favorite time of the year becouse its getting chilly but the fall has also it self personal charm. Think about all those wonderfull nights when is enough to be wrapped in a blanket, put yourself a cup of tee and spending your free time with someone, book, tv... Also, i m a big fan of coats and boots and i m excited to see every new Zara collection which can brings me some of these wonderfull pieces.
I always say its been enough of black dresess but this was "love at first sight"! Perfect cut, purposely stitched on the outside, totally elegant and seductive.
You can find it in Zara stores, new collection. Off course we gonna wait for sales, coz we are on the low budget these days.
Also, i wasnt posting for the last month becouse i was studying like a mad man and i have to commend that i have finally passed two exams in 2 days actually, one after the other ;)
So far for now. 

Zara A/W - 4,990.00 RSD




Greece 2013

Hey hey, long time no see -as Americans would say.... I m  apologizing to everybody who were visiting my blog in order to see something new and whats happening in my life was not to much until...GREECE came and a trip with my best friend Jelena :)
We booked our tickets in early June i think but we never thought it would be so short time flight :) It took us only 40 min to be there on the Corfu island where her sister Ivana was waiting for us with her lovely friend Ioanna Grammenou (actually we were waiting for them but..) haha
I will not say that it was a good trip, it was THE BEST! If not the trip,then experience that we gained in 7 days. U know that everything what is nice- dont last forever :P so it must be good out there if we spent an amazing 7 days(and nights) lol
Here are the pics and there will be more to come!!!!!
Agios Gordios

Corfu Town

Ivka&me (on the ferry boat to Vido island)

Vido island




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