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First time!

Hello and welcome to my blog!

Maya1985 is a personal diary, a place on internet where I share my thoughts and inspiration.
I started writing about almost 4 years ago but never really thought that I would love it so sooo much that one day it will become my obsession! That spring I was working full time job in Belgrade, Serbia and in the same time studying Law school. I was already experiencing what we call "Work & Travel" program and I have been traveling to USA twice. Following my "american dream" I kept coming to the states and to the one particular island in Maine where I finally found the love of my life - my husband! Our path lead us to studying in Florence, Italy where I am studying  Master in Fashion Marketing & Communication - super excited! Here I will share with you my love for fashion, hottest trends, beauty and lifestyle tips! So stay in touch and thank you for your time!

Hope to see you again!

Marijana Bracken


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