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Little black dress power

Hi guys!
Yesterday was pretty much regular day for me. Work,study,gym and finally home for relaxing...but...
I was trying some of my old dresses for my friend and took this very nice photo only for her eyes but since its so good, i decided to posted online! So the end of my day got pretty exciting! lol

Sharon Arnold from Maine,USA

My friend Sharon Arnold, an artist  from Bass Harbor,ME did an amazing shooting with vintage clothes, back in November 2012.
It was freezing, but we made it and it was so so fun!
Wish we can do it gain...miss her.

SO here are some of the photos! (my fav)

2012 shoots

Here are some photos from last year.
As u can see, i m not black haired any more :)
Hope u like them.

2011 shooting by Make Up House Belgrade & Star of Septembar 2011 Contest

Second post

Here are some photos from 2011 shooting. I had long black hair back then. Now its totally dofferent, short brown. Enjoy the photos!

Evo nekih slika sa shooting-a iz 2011.godine. Tada sam imala dugu,crnu kosu. Sada je totalno drugačija, kratka braon. Uživajte u slikama!

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