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Moon over Bourbon St

Here's something new that we did recently...A friend of mine, the greatest artist from Macedonia, Ladislav King came to Belgrade and we did some awesome shoots and had a wonderfull time ;)
Summer has finally arrived to my city, even its still chilly. I m still not doing much, just trying to live every day the best i can. Last two-three months were very turbulent and it was hard to stand still. I have big plans and hopes in my head (Ladislav said that i m very ambitious) and a large "to-do list". So do me a favour and cross your fingers for me!

Some of you will recognize this title and u may guess who is my favorite singer...

P.S. Leave a comment if u like/hate these photos

Splav "Suvenir", Savski kej

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Hello to all tattoo fans! I did it! - 22.02.2013.
After 2 years of wondering and thinking about what kind of tattoo i really want and where will it be(its your body you are doing) and the most important thing-what will be the meaning...i finally decided. And i must admit it , i m very satisfied with my choice this time ( i m one of those people that are never satisfied with the final product). After so many butterflies, feathers, hearts and stars (Rihanna style) i realize how much i love this sentence which has been following me for the last 5 years(more or less). While reading "Digital Fortress" from famous Dan Brown, i  totally found myself in "Who will guard the guards themselves?" or "Who watches the watchmen?", "Ko će čuvati nas čuvare?serb.) ! It is only one sentence,that can totally describe YOU and your environment. That feeling u get when karma didnt do her work and the fact that u are helping to other people all your life, but u have no clue who will help or guard you? Its a good question,u must admit it. Even though, some people dont feel they need to be guarded. Anyway, long story, short time, time is money so lets take a look what do we have here in these photos taken from my painfull (oh yeah!) 40mins tattooing in Zemun,Serbia.
Enjoy the photos and have the courage to do one of yours with your own personal meaning!

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