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Greece 2013

Hey hey, long time no see -as Americans would say.... I m  apologizing to everybody who were visiting my blog in order to see something new and whats happening in my life was not to much until...GREECE came and a trip with my best friend Jelena :)
We booked our tickets in early June i think but we never thought it would be so short time flight :) It took us only 40 min to be there on the Corfu island where her sister Ivana was waiting for us with her lovely friend Ioanna Grammenou (actually we were waiting for them but..) haha
I will not say that it was a good trip, it was THE BEST! If not the trip,then experience that we gained in 7 days. U know that everything what is nice- dont last forever :P so it must be good out there if we spent an amazing 7 days(and nights) lol
Here are the pics and there will be more to come!!!!!
Agios Gordios

Corfu Town

Ivka&me (on the ferry boat to Vido island)

Vido island




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