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One day in Maine

Hello from Maine!
This is what i do in the mean time :)


Hello to all of you!
Between packing suitcases for the new trip and watching FIFA World Cup, i ve got the moment to capture this lovely gift that i received from my dear niece Jelena. Once again, visit her fb page to get more info of this handmade jewelry, here :

Have a great night guys!! Enjoy your time :)

People come, people go

Blazer&Shirt&Skort&Shoes - Zara, Necklace- H&M, Bag-Biracci (my moms), Earings- Accesorize


These photos were taken last Saturday when it was so sunny and windy outside. Now, whit all this rain again, i can only snuggle into blanket and watch a new episode of The Game of Thrones with a cup of tee :)
I m looking for the summer...
Enjoy the photos :*

Skort: ZARA
Shirt: Zara
Sneakers: Converse
Watch: Cerruti

The Rolling Stones

What an amazing start of the weekend! My friend Tamara came lastnight to sleep over ("stayovers") and we had an amazing morning! Finally i have some outfit photos to show you, after a long time ;)
Tamara helped me out and here we are! Enjoy the photos!

Shirt: Bershka
Shorts: Hollister
Watch: Tommy Hilfiger
Sneakers: Converse
Rings: Six
Bracelets: Accessorize

Banana-Vanilla protein pudding

Very quick post about my today's sweet tooth. After a very loooong day of working and studying, running around in downtown, and a second day of resting my muscles from the gym, i felt like a need a treat! ;)
This vanilla&banana pudding is very easy to make.


1 pack of banana pudding
1 scoop of vanilla protein powder
2-3 spoons of brown sugar
500ml of  low fat milk
20gr of choco/orange crunchy muesly


- Mix the pudding powder with two or three tablespoons of sugar and with 4-6 tablespoons of cold milk (taken from 500ml milk)  add protein powder as well at the end.
- Cook the rest of the milk, remove and add allready made pudding powder.
- Cook along with constant stirring for 2 minutes. as the mass becomes thick, remove, pour into containers previously washed with cold water, decorate with choco/orange muesly
- Serve it cold and enjoy like i did!

Monday business attire

Last monday was the hardest day ever! I havent slept at all and need it to be all dressed up and focused later... It turn out to be my luckiest day ever beacouse ...soon i will be writing you from other continent! Lets keep it as a secret ;) Enjoy in my business outfit which i ve been recently wearing for my law school as well :)
My apologies for bad photo quality and i m promising it will be better in a few months!
Pinky promise ;)
p.s. Now u can really see the definition of my muscles, talking about legs offcourse becouse the belly is still big, haha
This is the result of 1,5 year of hard cardio workouts in the gym and lifting weights with many,many squats and steps. SHE SQUATS! :p

SHIRT - Banana Republic

Effaclar Duo+ Surprise!

Can this day be any better? Yesterday i found a notice from post office that i have a package waiting to be picked up and since i ordered a monokini from China recently i was pretty excited to pick it up. BUT another big  surprise has been waiting for me! I ve got a present from La Roche Posay :)
Back in March, i signed up for their "ambassador" and 1 month testing of  Effaclar Duo+ creme on my face (which i have been using before) and i completly forgot about that competition :)

 Thank you so much La Roche Posay Serbia!!! 
p.s. Who said that i dont have luck in games? ;)

Healthy breakfast

Ok, i must admit that this looked much better on pinterest but it doesnt mean that its not yummy!
If you are fitness addict like me and you are trying to loose your belly fat, good news! this is the one of many delicious recipes that i have found :) Let me introduce you to Baked Egg in Avocado :)

All you need for this lovely brekfast is:


1. One ripped avocado
2. Two eggs
3. Pepper
4. Chopped chives (if you wish)


-Preheat the oven on 200 C
-Slice avocado on two parts and take out the pit. Scoop about two spoons from the middle. You can use that with rice snack :)
-Place the eggs in the center and be sure to place them tightly. I recommend placing the egg yolk first, before whites but sometimes its hard to handle the whites (like in my case)
-Place in the oven and bake around 15-20 min. Cooking can depend on the size of avocado and eggs. Just be sure that egg whites have enough time to be cooked.
-Remove from the oven and season with pepper, chives or as your choice.

 Enjoy in your omega 3s, high-protein, fiber filled and low sugar breakfast!! 

STACY hand made jewelry

Glad to introduce you to STACY  hand made jewelry! My lovely niece Jelena has started making these lovely earrings and bracelets in "collaboration" with her sister and husband. You can find them on facebook page :
and order via email : or trough Inbox on FB
I m not sure about shipping abroad ( u will need to contact the seller offcourse) but they ship in Serbia via courier services for very low price.
I picked some of the photos from my favorites, but there is many more on her fb page :)
Proud on my niece for creativity and patience to make them - they are so lovely :)
Enjoy the photos!

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