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January 2014 Favorites!

Here it is! January favorites!
I have a lot of sweet little things that i want to show you. These days in Belgrade are very cold so last thing we want to is to go out on this crazy wind. Anyway, lets start with my fav products :))

1. L'OREAL PRODIGY5 HAIRCOLOR (@ dm drogeries, lilly...)

You've got to try out this new hair colour that comes from amazing company such as a LÓreal. For the last 4 years i've been opsessed with thier Casting Creame Gloss with amazing scent of cherries, but the colour would washed out after few showers and i never managed to cover my grey (oh yeah! getting old with law school) hair. So i m satysfied with Prodigy, this is my second time to use it! My recommendation to all of you


The queen between hair masks! I remember my hair dresser recommended me this mask a long time ago but..honestly i m very hard when it comes to hair masks. I admit, i would rather give my money on everything else in life but not on masks. I just dont have to habit to buy it. But, when i finally realized that my hair is desperatly dry, i made a decions. Super excited with this mask now, which contains three oils inside - argan oil (very popular nowadays),  cyperus oil (first time that i heard of it!) and linseed oil. Her vanilla fragrance will take you in a sweet journey :)


Yes, i have problems with dark spots under my eyes, every morning, every day.... And its not becouse i'm not getting enough of  'beauty sleep' :P, i sleep every night around 7-8h!!(same  routine for the last 5 years). I m starting to think it's becouse of low rytham of my blood vessels under the skin. Anyway, this pretty little thimng will cover your dark spots for some time ;) It contains two sades - one of them is what they called 'coffein' serum and that's the first step in appying. After 1 or 2 min. you should apply the other side - duo concealer. But dont get to ecxited about it and dont put A LOT i did :D


A friend of mine did my make up one day after work and before my gym workout (!) just for fun and after few days i ask her what is that good eye liner that she 've been using? This little piece. She said back then it very hard to apply it but after 2 times we were good friends :) The thing is that there is two options/sides, if you wanna have thinner line-dont press hard and the opposite- if you want to have ticker line - press harder!

5.  MAYBELLINE ERASER EYE CONCEALER with Goji Berry and Haloxyl

Another concealer :) You notice i'm obsessed with dark spots, haha? I dont have a word to describe this little fortune! 


I have been using bronzer beads as a blush for decades! Oh yes, Sir. So one day i just wanted i change... No more loosing all those bronzer beads in the sink or chasing it on the bathroom floor! This Deborah's  bronzer fits perfectlly ;)


My really favorite mascara! I totally forget about it but it came with Max Factor Creme Puff powder that i 've showed you in October's favorites post. I couldnt be more surprised and enchanted :D

So, that would be all for January, guys! This year has just at beginning and i m sure that a lot more posts are about to come :) I hope i'll have more time and enthusiasm to make them since my schedule is very busy in the next few months. 
Keep you HEAD UP and your HEELS HIGH!!! 

Black Warrior

Did i say almost spring in Belgrade? :P Well this morning i ve received a message from a friend that we should go in walk down by the Sava river to grab a first snow??? While sleeping i heard some sounds outside but i was so dead after 3h of lastnight workouts in the gym (one hour of lifting and squats, one hour for glutes/abds, one hour of my favorite less mills program- BODY COMBAT). So when i looked trough the window this morning, there was nothing but WHITE! Happy!
Todays post will be,  on the contrary, ALL BLACK!
This photos was made recently with previous post and there are still some new that i cant wait to share with you. Meanwhile, enjoy in black like i did :)

Top: Nike Dri-Fit
Skort: Zara
Neckles: Zara
Shoes: Zara
Bracelet: Zara

so everything but top is Zara :))) LOL

Winter or?

New photos are finally here! I m so excited!
Everything was so hectic in the  last days, i was studying for my exam, went home to my parents and manage to catch a fever! But after all that busy period, i m proud to say that i have passed another exam and so far 3 are left until graduation :) I must admit i m so proud of myself! Hard work is paying off.
On the other side, i wanted to do some new shoots and here is the first one, something like winter outfit but our winter in Serbia has been so mild, that you would say its almost a spring time! Enjoy the photos, and there are more yet to come! Cheers!

Pants: Zara
Shirt: Banana Republic (old)
Jacket: Zara (old)
Bag: Biracci (my moms, very vintage)
Scarf:: Zara
Shoes: Novecento
Neckles: H&M
Rings: H&M
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