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Feb Fav

So here we are! Another month has gone and that means that i need to show you what were my favorite products in MY month:


Magnificant anti-rides creame for your eyes and first wrinkles (yes, years are passing by very fast!)
Found in Sephora, for a significant amount of money (50 EUR) but it was something that came with a free gift,even more valuable and that it my next product:


Can u bealive that little treasure came as a gift wiht anti-rides creme and its even more expensive (regular cost is around 70 EUR) ? hmm hmm... I dont have the words to expalin how this serum is good! With normal use of three weeks in row, your skin will be ..different :) I use it every night before going to bed becouse its full of proteins from broccoli & soya and dont have preservatives inside (must be kept in the fridge) Amazing smell and even better effects! Love it, love it!

3. WOMAN SECRET Body Lotion

Another body lotion with a scent that will make you think its out of this world! I got it as a birthday gift from a friend :) and in the same moment we both knew - its only for "special moments" ;)
Amazing smell and how smooth your skin will be after applying... Your "stronger half"  will love you! ;)


Also wanted to share with you this picture of beautifull earings that i ve got from a friend from Bulgaria :)
So pretty! Makes me feel like a real vintage lady :) Thank you again :*

Thats all for now! Hopefully i will have some new pics in March to show you!
Off to bed now, it was a long day....
Love as always,


Gym freak

After long pause working out ( i was away for a week), i decided to hit the gym for 2h! (brave Maya) ;)
Dont ask how dead i am now, i look like zombie  :P
And while the dinner is in the oven and Coldplay is singing  Atlas song, i m writing you this post. Sounds romantic a bit ;)

If somebody wants to know what i bought and how i treated myself for my 29 bday, i need to tell them that i bought these lovely boxing gloves and...anti rides creame  :/ Yes, year are passing by so fast ;)

Two sides NIKE DRY-FIT BRA - if you are gym freak u will know and understand how usefull is this :)

HERBA LIFE SHAKE - personally i have never bealived in these kind of things but i decided to give it a try. I was shocked how good this is! And i m not trying to loose any kilos becouse i think i m skinny enough, but its good start for the day, if u are a morning birdy, it will full your belly in a moment and you wont feel hunger or cravings for the next 2 or 3h, i think. Or even better, if you are gym freak like me (over a year now!) it s great to have this nutritional shake after workout. U can combine other things with it, like whey protein, or whole grain oatmeal. My fav recipe for after workouts:

2 spoons of Herba Life Nutritional Shake Mix - chocolate flavour, off course ;)
1 spoon of Whey protein
2 spoons of oatmeal
1 banana

and you are ready to feed those muscles!
Enjoy it!

p.s. Since my month is ending soon, there will be Fab favorites post in the next few days :)

Another birthday post + Minesota 1985

Shirt: Zara (on sale!)
Boots: Babe
Jacket: Zara
Leggings: Zara
Earings: Forever 21
Handbend: Zara (on sale!)

Birthday Girl

No need to tell you anything... Today i m the youngest & oldest i will ever be!
Hope you like the photos. Cheers!

 *inspired by Sincerely Jules (

Sweater: Forever 21(old)
Shirt: Time Out
Skort: Zara
Bag: Carpisa (old)
Shoes: Aldo
Watch: Fossil
Rings: H&M
Earings: Six

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