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Perfect Match - Noreva Exfoliac treatment 2in1

When you catch yourself one early morning that your daily creme is out, it becomes bad. But if you realize on the same morning, that you are running out of make up foundation becomes a real nightmare :(
No need to tell you how desperately i scratch them just to find something :) But same afternoon, i called two of my best freind for advice - which foundation should i buy? During the years i had L'Oreal True Match, Estee Lauder Double Wear (very expensive in Serbia!), Clinique Superbalanced Makeup (same story for Serbia) and earlier as a teenager Max Faxtor Color Adapt and God know what else...
Mz first freind,a professional make-up artist asked first how much money i want to give on that little luxury and recommend Maybeline Affinitone or the new L'Oreal Infallible Foundation 24h...but i hesitated since i felt that my skin is very tired. So i called another very good friend, future dermatologist and blogger (very proud of her! FIND HER HERE - to ask for her opinion and recommendation. She said that i dont need make up foundation but to try new Exfoliac tinted creme treatment as the best solution! I decided to give it a shot with the gold color (since the company is offering only two colors / beige and gold) In the past, i ve been very loyal to Vichy Normaderm, then i switch to La-Roche Posey Effeclar Duo and very nice Uriage Hyseac Mat (i wrote about that one in this post  So far, i am very satisfied with Noreva Exfoliac creme and her role of hydrating my 29-years-old skin, hiding all  imperfactions and protecting the skin from bacterial proliferation and reducing sebum. The texture is very light and in the same time i ve got a make up foundation for daily activities! 2in1! Thank you Tam! :*

Also,buying that i ve got a small fortune of samples of other products such as: Dr.Hauschka Firming Mask adn Daily Revitalizing Eye Cream (wrinkles!), Noreva Actipur creme anti-imperfection tretment, Bioderma mattfying fluid and many Weleda samples... I was so happy, i told my freind that i dont know what to start using first!!

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