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2014 Favorite products and new ins for 2015!

What a girl wants ;)

Hi there!
Here are my new favorite products for the New 2015! Some of them i started to use last summer but since i was away from my blog, now comes the time to introduce you to all of these beauty products. Hope you will like them all. I simply adore them ALL!

So lets start with essentials, right?

1. ESTEE LAUDER Day Wear + Advanced Time Zone eye creme

First of all, i wanna pay attention to every day moisturizer which is very important in every womans life. Like washing and clearing your face every day and night (more night then mornings), i need to rehydrate my face. From that reason, i wanna make an introduction to this awesome line of beauty products! Day Wear has the light texture and its smell like avocado to me. It helps against signs of premature aging, it contains anti-oxidant power and sun protection. This beautifull moisturizer refreshed my tired skin on the first apply. Second, we have Advanced Time Zone eye creme for FIRST signs of wrinkles ;) My love, my everything. It wasnt such a long time ago, i bought a birthday gift TO MYSELF (last year). It was boxing gloves and BIOTHERM anti-wrinkle eye cream. Unfortunatelly, i didnt continue with that product and when i returned from my journey, i discovered that  they changed the whole line and theres no more of my adorable Biotherm (at least i dont regonize it in the new package). Well, anyway i bought this treasure a few weeks ago  with a little help of my friend  and it was a real treasure hunt! It was expensive for me but i dont mind it. It for my everydays outfit - my face. Now, the company states that this product has Tri-HA Cell Signaling Complex and it helps skin to boost its natural production of line-plumping hyaluronic acid by 182% in 3 days* ( i allways liked this funny facts in numbers. Never trust them.) Women say their skin look younger. We'll see about that ;)

2. NEUTROGENA Skin Clearing Make up + CLARINS Concealer 

I m not really sure if Neutrogena Make up can be found in Serbia but this is something you have to have if you have problems with pimples (like i do). I went to Wallmart, again with a friend, i she said "Maya, you have to get this!" So i listen to my friend advice and here i am, so much satisfied with this make up, it really helps me to get rid of borring pimples every time.
Clarins concealer was something i desperately need it. I m one of those girls with big black spots under eyes. Like i got out of the fight, every night. Sometimes, i get scared when i see that person in the mirror first thing in the morning. Well, this concealer really helps :)

3. ESTEE LAUDER Lash Primer + Double Wear Mascara

This two treats came together in my New Years gift from a friend. By now, you will say that i have a lot of friends, lol. Yes, i am lucky to have them. Its so nice when you have somebody that want exactly what you want without telling them. 
I used this Double Wear Mascara long time ago (everyting seems so long ago when you entering in a new decade in your life) and i was really surprised how good it was! Now i have the primer too so the treatment can be complete. If i could only have time to apply it every time, that would be GREAT!lol

4. JOHN FRIEDA Shampoo & Conditioner + MACADAMIA  Deep Repair Mask

Yes, this is totally my collection! A real treasure bond.
I have discovered John Frieda shampoos a few years ago when i was first time in the states. Then, i tried his red collection for hair reparation and was delighted! Afterwards, i realized i might be a brunette (not really, but hell yeah!) Since i wasnt damaging my hair with too much of hair drying and straightening, this collection really made my hair smooth and silky. Then, last month, my hair dresser recommended  Macadamia line that has Argan Oil, Omega 7, Omega 9, antioxidants and Vitamin E, which helps hair strength  and i just recently discovered that this product line was ELLE Beauty Grand Prix Winner for 2014! Good job, Maya :)

5. VICHY Cellu Destock Cafeine Pure Care

Ok, ok. How many of you have the same problem? Yes, me too. It doesnt matter how skinny you can be, it just something that goes under your skin like a virus and stay there for a very long time. Offcourse, it can be removed by 10000000 anti cellulite treatments, massages, and physical activities but lets be honest....its becouse of all that junk food that we've been eating in the late hours. At least, me. I will speak in my name. Yes, i was i bad girl for the last 6 months and i hardly had the time to exercise, i ve been trough all kinds of stress and yes, i ate A LOT OF ICECREAMS! lol
Since i strongly bealive in Vichy company, i really hope this will help me to reduce that boring thing.

6. CLARINS Foot Beauty Treatment Cream

I only wish i had discovered this foot cream last summer when i was working like a mad man!
Its not because its Clarins, its because its really gorgeous. It totally smooths your foot skin and leave a nice and light feeling after applying. From now on, i swear in these cream :)
And that would be all, my friends! Hope you enjoyed to read about these products, if you have any comments be free to write me.
Until next time,

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