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Miami shooting (behind the scene) and new post after 6 months

Ok,ok i know i havent been posting anything for the last 6...or 7 months but thats only becouse i ve
 been extremly busy in the states, working and traveling :) I will be posting more pictures of my amazing travels, more beautifull products that i started to use in the last few months and on and off a few fashion posts, i would say.
    This one happend instantly! While in Maine, i decided to treat myself (allways from now on!) and      made an appointment with one of the best photographers in Florida (and further). We both got         pretty excited about shooting on the South beach in bikini but the weather forecast wasnt on our side.
What can u do on a rainy day while in Miami? SHOOTING IN HOTEL ROOM!!!

    Thank you so much Analia Photography!
    and thanks to my girl Tam Tam ,  who frequently asked about     my blog posting - i love u and i fully adore your blog! There is so much to learn!
   And offcourse thanks to Adijana Bozic, my lovely follower and blogger :*
   and many others who ve been checking out my blog :*
   Enjoy the photos as much as i enjoyed doing them,


  1. Wow, like a movie star!! :) Awesome!!

  2. Ulepšala si mi daaaan! Slike su divne, jedva čakam nove postove! Velkam bek :) <3 <3 <3

    1. Tenk ju, tenk ju! Drago mi je da sam te obradovala :*


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