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February Favorites

As i have promised and  as end of this month is coming closer, here are my favorite beauty products.
Some of them came as a birthday presents from dear people and others..well also presents from myslef ;) Its Sunday morning, time for us lazy people, to stay in bed all day  with a big mug of our favorite coffee and just relax in what ever makes you happy! For me, this Sunday morning, thats blogging!
Ok, so lets start this journey!

1. JOHN FRIEDA Full Repair Conditioner (red)

First of all i must say that i met this conditioner long time ago on my first visit to the states, and i was wondering how it is and how will my hair react on him. On the first touch when you apply this gorgeous thing, you can actually feel the silky and smooth hair! Much difference in my case ;)
I always come back to this product and in general when something is sure and you can rely on it.
My FULL recommendation and thumbs up for this conditioner!!

2.  CLINIQUE Moisture Surge Gel-Creme

I simply adore this beauty product!! Since i m still using Estee Lauder Time Zone anti-ride for night time, i prefer to use this little guy for day light. It totally reduces your puffy bags under eyes and  redness after long nights. Its very lightweight creme that rehydrates ( i m still learning how to pronounce this word, Char!) your skin for 24h! Its oil-free and you can use it for the whole face, even as a base before your daily make up!

3. CLINIQUE Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

It came in the same package with previous product on my list and i found it in Sephora ( i m sure Sephora in Serbia has it too!) I love this small packages of beuty products! I would give them to everyone as a gift on a regular basis. Now, about this mask. I always feel like beauty sleep is something really special for a girl, for face and body (also after hard workouts, your muscles needs sleep to recover your strength) so i practice 8h of sleep. When its possible, offcourse! Sometimes it just wont happen. This mask is a perfect lullaby for your face. It leaves a smooth mark on your skin.
And you woke up the next morning fresh with a lovely face!

4. NAKED Urban Decay eye shadows

For a person who  has been using only black shadow for the last few months (or years?), i wasnt even aware that this pallets are so popular everywhere! First time we met was at my Miami shooting (HERE) and i was so surprised how i looked! My comment was "Omg, i look like a doll!" ;)
Then, the next thing i know, a girl in my law school asked me what number of pallet did i get from the states?! I was like WHAT? lol
Speaking of numbers, it was very hard to decide which i really like, but this one seems to have a lot of natural colours, the ones that will more go with my daily outfits (Virgin & Naked are my favorites! Funny names, right?) My friend Charlotte helped me out in this "first-world-problem" ;)

5. Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto, eau de perfume 

Introducing my NEW favorite parfume! Welcome Manifesto :) Find it HERE !
Its was a gift from my brother for my 30st bday and couldnt but love it more then i do! It has both of my favorite scents- vanilla and jasmine! So feminine! Even though i will use it only in special occasions (which means it will last forever) i still catch myself of sprinkle it around even on my way to the grocery store?!? 

So that will be all, my friends. I m off to studying for my final exams in law school and i will be busy with all those books but i will try to post a few fashion posts in the future since spring is just around the corner! Stay good,

Day to remember

Hi everyone!
I was thinking a lot about my latest trip to America and couldn't but not to show you some of the great places i have been two weeks ago.
First of all, America is a BIG country! And it would be ridiculous from me to try and post all of my pictures. So here are just some of many that i have. While spending my birthday, my friend Charlotte and me visited capital city with her mom, the safest city on the world, Washington DC where we saw Lincoln Memorial, Capitol Monument, White House, Capitol Building, Supreme court (for me as a future lawyer that's very important! Finally i got to see that after all those american movies lol ) Arlington Cemetery, where we visited in silence and respect the graves of Jackie & John Kennedy. Very sad part of the day trip.
Then we went to this gorgeous hotel in DC, Willard Intercontinental,( where rooms cost God-knows-how-much but the whole experience was going trough time machine which i always have when i go to America, and sending us to some different world. I must admit , i m very impressed with this "white" city... This song will always hunt me down - Starship - We built this city
Offcourse we went to Starbucks to grab a coffie and i got my new favorite mug from their collection. After few hours of walking and driving around, we had delicious dinner very close to White house (Good evening Mr.President) in fancy restaurant called Old Ebbitt Grill(
 Good food and friendly staff, as my tripadvisor friends would say ;)
Ok, here are the photos made in DC. Maybe Vegas and Philly will pop-up next and of course new cosmetic products ;)

Fashion post in dreamy house

Ok folks, here's a big fashion post after a while! I must admit i'm very proud of myself. My friend Charlotte (professional photograph in the future!) did this amazing photo shoot on the day of my 30st birthday - what else can a girl wish for on her day? Just to feel pretty in her favorite clothes!!
Enjoy the photos, guys! And let me know if there is anything that you really like or dislake about my blog. Next post will probably be about new cosmetic products that i have discovered recently in the states.
Happy Thursday everyone!
p.s. Yes, tommorow is Friday the 13th!!! Scaryyy

Photos by Charlotte A.Matlack
Location: Villanova, PA

Pants:  Zara
Shirt: GAP
Blazer: Zara
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Michel Kors (borrowed from Charlotte)
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Necklace: H&M

Birthday post

Want to know how i spent my 30th birthday? :)
I stayed at my friends BEAUTIFULL dreamy house in Pannsylvania starting the day with a big mug of Starbucks coffie, doing this "Jackie Kennedy" kinda photos, playing with her dogs. Since me and my friend had very close birtdays we were treated by her mom with nice pedicure treatment, shopping and dinner that caused us stomach cramps (yes, we ate like  pigs!)
I must admit that this was the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER, best vacation, best of all that could happend when you are staying at the friends house in a foreign country. I loved everything about this place, the classy vintage look, the cozyness of every single room, the christmas decoration and familly feeling, The one that keeps your heart warm and makes you think that there are still some good people on this world.

A BIG THANK YOU note to my friend Charlotte Matlack and to the whole Matlack familly who made me feel like a princess!!!

Special thanks for this lovely photos and great eye! Thank you Char :*

Enjoy the photos and this lovely house!

"So Maya, tell me about Belgrade?"

Photos by Charlotte A.Matlack
Location: Villanova, PA
Dress by GAP
Shoes: Zara
Necklace: Accessorize
Watch: Fossil
Armband: Mom's

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