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Bare legs in sunny April

wearing: Zara blazer/ Zara shirt/ Mango shorts/ Biracci bag/ Michael Kors shoes/ Ray Ban / Fossil

Hello my dear fashionistas,

its been a very long time since my last blog post and i have so many excuses to say but the most important thing is that i m back now with a few fashion ideas to share with you! :)
Last few months were really crazy with studying and trying to finish my law school (dont send your kids there!) and doing some travelings. All that time i was thinking about new fashion outfits that i wanted to show you (studying, right?)
Here is a TIP. It is nothing new, but since not all of us can afford designers shoes and expensive bags or clothes, i got this idea one day. I remember how cool was my moms clothes or accessorize as well!
So it is nothing new.  Just go find some old retro/vintage/bohemian piece of art!! Dig in their closets. Look for something that would go with your every day look , like this Biracci bag that i discovered or something even fancier for night out. My mom has so many cool shirts, dresses and skirts from 70s-80s (which you will see how i combined) and retro/vintage jewelry too! Not that i could wear all of it but just saying. Dig in in their old staff, wash it in your favorite scent and rock on!!! You will make your mothers happy too :)
Here i have some pictures from last week in Belgrade, when i think for sure it was the very first day of spring here in Serbia! Bare legs and first sun tanning in the Kalemegdan park with a lot of cool people walking around or sitting on the grass and singing. I had my american friend Noah Bracken (famous artist in the future with exhibitions in the galeries on the 5th Av NYC) visiting Belgrade and as i was his guide trough the city, he was my photographer in return. I was very happy to do fashion shoot outside on the sun! It was a bit funny. People would stare at me, but i dont care. We should all do what makes us happy! Right? It is very hard for me to find someone to take photos of me, no matter how strong i want to show you all of my outfits, sometimes its just so hard to bother people about it. And not even that. In one moment i wanted to do some studio photos but i guess i have many from earlier years and i have to go out on the streets! One day i may start doing those vlog videos too, lol...
Ok, so here are the photos from this simple outfit and my moms bag. If you have any comments, please dont hesitate to express your thoughts about this post! Enjoy the spring time! Its a new beginning every time it comes around (finally)
p.s. As you may not know, i m a big fan of the Game of Thrones tv show (season 5 just started, yeey!) so this shooting location was chosen because of that iron window and the doors. They remind me so much of the iron throne! Wicked.

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