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Hello lovebirds!

Happy to show you these lovely calligraphy post after so many hours spent writing!
As some of you may know, our wedding is coming up soon and i wanted to be more personal and leave my personal mark for our special guests. So as my handwriting was pui terribile before and since i was lucky enough to spent the winter and spring in beautiful city of Florence, i was totally up to doing a calligraphy course here and learn about how to write nice :)
I have found lovely Betty Soldi in Florence! Amazingly talented and very supportive calligrapher who taught me very easily to "loosen up" my hand and was so excitied to see my final creation!
You can find Betty & Co at Via Maggio 60R in Firenze and get lost in her beautiful store :) 
I personally loved everything she does even before i had the opportunity to meet her in April! So me and my fiancee were asking around where to go and everyone said "You have to go to Betty. She is the best!" Also, i have found beautiful blog post about the same experience here (LOST IN FLORENCE) and found my self on the same foot path! I was very happy when Betty emailed me that we have the course date and that we will also be learning to make paper flowers with Edition Poshette lovely twin sisters! :)
The day has come and i was more then excited! My mission was to learn calligraphy in order to have our wedding menus and name tags written beautifully for our guests.
If you ever find yourself on the same page like me, please visit Betty Soldi in Firenze.
Enjoy the photos!

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