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Cinque Terre

Ciao a tutti!

It was about time to sit down and do a travel post, right? Wedding fever is pretty much all gone so i can finally write about my travel experience to beautiful Cinque Terre in Italy.
First of all, i could not believe my ears when i heard from my , now husband, that we are going to this heaven on earth! Second, i could not believe my eyes seeing all that beauty over there.
Traveling from Florence was pretty easy, we catched the train to La Spezia (about 2,5h ride) and there you have train that goes to 5 villages on every half hour pretty much and they stop at every village so you can spent some time where ever you feel like! They offer ALL DAY pass, train ticket that is valid for 24h so you can "hop on, hop off" ( i always find this term very funny, hop on, hop off haha) for small amount of money (i think 16 eur) which we didnt do unfortunately, but it was still great.
First and the biggest village and definitely my favorite is Rio Maggiore, where we had lunch on the rocks (a lot of see food over there) and some white wine to go while sun tanning. It was end of May month and a lot of people were in the water. Me not. Next village is called Manarola, very small and charming. Then there is Corniglia which we skipped because we had a room in Vernazza, beautiful little village where we watched sunset and had dinner in the bay. It was so magical that night, we were able to see the lights  in Monterosso al Mare,(5th village) bay just seating in our restaurant.
What can i say? It was a perfect pre-honeymoon vacation. I am very happy and blessed with our adventures so far. I hope you find your way to Cinqe Terre to, its one of those places where you HAVE TO GO once in your lifetime!
Ciao amore!

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