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Wind in the back

       Inspired by the Fall and some of the most charming landscapes i have ever seen,
i decided to talk about my travels to Maine and how i got here. Born and raised as Serbian, i m proud to say that i manage to travel abroad on my own for quite a long time. Living in my home country wasn't  always easy and growing up in a small town in the 90' was nice but challenging. 

During the last five years since i started traveling back and forth to America and specifically to this beautiful island of Mount Desert. I have to say that my life changed a lot. I have changed a lot. Not just because i ve got married here , but i feel that my personality has grown. I became more self confident and more of a fighter, definitely harder worker...
          Back at home i started working like a dj in a radio station at age 15, going to high school every day and working full time (8h per day). Somehow i manage to do all that and studied at nights.  Later on, i moved to Belgrade and studied Law Faculty. Big dreams and high hopes to become the judge or a lawyer, evaporated in time that came along...since if i wanted to live in the big city, i had to work. So i worked as a secretary in a private trading company for the next 6 years. 

                                             "I became more self confident and more of a fighter, definitely harder worker..."

         Then one day, it came to me. After a complicated surgery i had and the experience i went trough, I was hearing these stories about America and that there is a an exchange student program that takes you there trough the agency who provides you with the job offer. You guess? I went for it. 

               Driven by the famous "american dream" in my head and dreaming about the streets and lights of New York City, i had to. But it wasn't simple like that.  I didn't just sat on the big airplane and left. I had to take a loan from the bank in order to pay for the program and travel. It was a risk i had to take but i manage to pay it back before the deadline and i swear - never again! There was a big 'huuuuh" and a big exhale when i finally closed that door.

Coming to East Coast and first time in the United States was so exciting! I was 26 years old, i carried a bag full of dreams and hopes, nervous of how will i talk foreign language in the office on the job that i've got from the agency, i left my country behind me and told to myself "You are here to work, young lady!" 

                                                               "There was a big 'huuuuh" and a big exhale when i finally closed that door."

The beginning wasn't easy. For the first 3 days, i could not talk at all! The phone in the office kept ringing and me and my american colleague are just staring at each other. I honestly thought this was all a big mistake. Maybe i should ask to be a housekeeper? But i kept facing my fears, i kept going to that office and after 10 days i made the success. Everyone was so happy for me. I was happy. And proud. I was lucky enough to be surrounded with good people who were only supporting me and giving me "wind in the back". That's what i love about people on this island.

                                                  "I was lucky enough to be surrounded with good people who were only 
supporting me and giving me "wind in the back". 

        And now i am married here and i m enjoying every single moment of it. I discover beauty of this island every day and i feel so lucky to be here. Why am i telling you all this? 'coz life  was/is never easy, but you have to take chances. You have to risk. You have to move from your comfort zone.
If you really, really want something - find the way to make it work!  Move! You're not a tree.

"Move! You're not a tree."

                                   In this post i m wearing my husband's Zara denim shirt,
Mango shorts,
Ralph Lauren boots,
Levi's denim jacket
Trina Turk bag


  1. I went through the same program and this wonderful girl helped me find a job in Southwest Harbor (after quitting the terrible one I had). I am looking forward to your stories and pics! Best, M:*

    1. That's amazing!! Southwest Harbor? Are you still around?


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