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Can Haute Couture Become New Streetwear?

Ever asked yourself what is waiting for us in the future of fashion?
With the evolution of technology, people have dramatically change. Fast time requires fast thinking, fast fashion. We change our clothes like we change toilet paper. It's true. But what is the ESSENCE of fashion?
Haute Couture. High Fashion. That dream that we are striving to. That luxurious fluffy Valentino dress in the window.
Now, there is no restrictions anymore. And that's where technology has its impact. We are more connected with each other, more open minded (I truly hope!) We changed the way how we think. WE ARE ALL THE SAME.
In everything. 2017 year is the year where everything is possible. So why not having Haute Couture as a streetwear? Every day. Why not showing how happy you are that you finally made it? You were saving all year/ or not saving at all just to get an expensive dress? Why keeping it in the wardrobe for so called "special occasion"? Every day should be that occasion. Live it up! You know how they say "Life is short. Fell in love. Buy the shoes. Eat the damn cake!".

Photo by Andrijana Bozic
Dress by Vencanice Aurora, Gardenija
Location Belgrade, Serbia


It was just a week ago since I attended one of Polimoda's graduation presentation when my colleagues  restyled "Lotto", the Italian sportswear brand. And just a few days later - voila!
I see it on Damir Doma's runway show last Sunday and I wonder - is this real?
There are no secrets when it comes to fashion today. We've seen trends and styles circulate  every few years but  for "Lotto", I forgot. And now it's back again.
Collaborations with emerging designers and sportswear brands are the key to success.
With Damir Doma, "Lotto" get's new, contemporary and urban freshness. Deconstructed patterns, asymmetric corsets, long coats and crispy poplin same as patchwork denim too, gives to sportswear brand a new note. Something that you can easily wear and see on the streets. Something that is scented with youth.

Manners Matters with Luigi Gianetta

 Just by the end of the last month,  my partners in crime and I have launched  the project magazine #TheFutureOf at Polimoda Fashion Institute in Florence.
I had the privilege to interview one of our best school teachers
and fashion designers - Luigi Giannetta.
Luigi is probably the most humbled person that I ever met, with the enormous passion for creating beautiful luxury bags and accessories in general.
Here you can find our conversation about elegance and what will actually happen to it in the future.
Afterwards, have a minute to take a look on his work HERE
Remember this name. Luigi Giannetta.


Talk with
LUIGI GIANNETTA, fashion designer 

1.Who inspired you to start designing? -Everything i have is from my ancestors, so I think my grandparents.

2. What do you consider elegant today? Is there still elegance in today’s   world of fashion?
-Yes, absolutely. But elegance is not a demographic thing, not everyone can be elegant, it was always like that. Elegance means part of the small group. And what is elegant? It is what expresses yourself. You don't have to pretend to be something different. You can't fake the elegance. And clothes are not making you elegant, that's the point.

3. An icon that represent elegance: 
- It’s very hard today but for example, I love the male icon that I have , the Duke Michael of Kent, it’s the Queen Elizabeth’s cousin. He has an amazing taste. 

4. What do you think it will be elegant in the future? 
- There will always be elegant people. It’s a circle. It will be always the same. The point is what will happen in fashion and in which direction the fashion is moving? Nowadays, a lot of people have the possibility to afford a lot of stuff. And if you notice, the nouveau-riche people who pretends that they are better then they are, they come with enormous logo’s. The more you grow in the level, the less you are showing. That won't change. Because you will always have the people that belongs to the very high level and low level. And the medium level that is growing up and wants to achieve the high level. To show the power. In the middle age, they were showing the richest decoration, the richest colors. Now we don't have that anymore. We have logo’s. And I don't know for how long we will continue with this. But if you think, in the past, there were no logo’s. In ‘20s, there was a ring society, diamonds, and a lot of different small things that you could add. And I love that period. People had the possibility to make artisans create something exclusive. We will come again in that direction.

5. How to be elegant today? -You can be elegant today even with a very old thing. The point is that elegance is an attitude that you have, and of course clothes can help it but it doesn't belong to clothes, it belongs to you. And your attitude in that, your manners, the way in which you are proposing yourself and your image, the correct way to use things.

6. Do you think that elegance is important for one’s lifestyle? - Unfortunately, today people are buying things just to put it on the table and to make other people to look at it. On my bags for example, I don't put my name visible, it's inside. I hate visible signs. I don't like people to buy my bags because there is my name. They have to buy it because they like it. If they recognize it, that means that they have the knowledge. But they have to like it first. Now we don't have this attitude anymore. We see the logo, and it means “price”. Oh, it's beautiful and is expensive. It is expensive because there is a logo on top.

7. How can we educate new generations to be more elegant? 
Education is important. When you get tired of all the “GG” and “LV”, how many other things we can invent to please your hedonism and how long your personality will be less stronger then the brand? When people are able to recognize that they are more important then logo’s, they start to ask for something more. I am waiting for that moment.

Three tips to always look elegant when traveling: 
  1. Always wear a shirt with stripes, because you can match the colors.
  2. Wear a red jacket.
  3. My grandfather taught me how to tie a bow tie when I was 3 years old.  I have it every day.

Looking for the summer


All photos take by talented Andrijana Bozic

Parisian in Belgrade

Ever heard for the book "How to be Parisian Wherever You Are" from Sophie Mas, Audrey Diwan, Caroline De Maigrait and Anne Berest? Yes?
It's actually quite interesting (funny). Today, I will try to share a little secrets with you about my tips too:

1. Find "your" perfume before thirty. Then wear it for the next thirty years.
    Maya: Then find another one and do not use it at all?

2. No one should ever see your gums when you talk or laugh.
    Maya: Relax, you're not a horse. No one will pay attention to your gums.

3. Be unfaithful, cheat on your perfume, but only on cold days.
    Maya: And only on perfume. Not on boys.

4. Cut your own hair or  ask your sister to do it for you.
    Maya: Never again!



BLACK, YELLOW OR WHITE. ONE VOICE SCREAMING. -  The fight for the equality has never stopped for the women. As a matter of fact, it just started again. 

Trough the history of shameless slavery to the powerful Women's March in January 2017, we have all witnessed how does it feels like to be a woman. In the last few months we have all seen a major shift in the way women are collectively making their voice heard. 

And then Dior entered the house. Maria Grazia Chuiri has recognized the pain in the society and created a master piece in her debut Spring 2017 collection. This Instagram’s obsession t-shirt has spoken to many. And yet, you may say “it's just a t-shirt”, but hold on your horses. 

This t-shirt will prove you it's power. Inspired by the Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's essay in 2014 with the same title, Maria Grazia Chuiri has a loud voice. Allowing this t-shirt to see the sun, she reminded us of the endless women's battle for equal rights and salaries , having the chance to go to school and work, equally managed household that shows us that anything a man could do, a woman could and should do to. Most of all, she reminded us of the liberation that many housewives had escaping from the heavy kitchen chains.

There are some days that we feel  like guilty feminists. Our personal experiences and the understanding of the bigger problem in the society of the inequality, aren't enough. We have to act and we have to do it now! 

 Women's voice has to be strong - and that comes with the latest Dior’s t-shirt. Maria Grazia Chuiri made taking the battlefield part possible, against hate and oppression, she is ensuring that the women’s movement continues, strengthens and grows. She has also collaborated with Rihanna which means that a portion of the sales from the  "We Should All Be Feminists" t-shirt will be donated to Rihanna's nonprofit organization, The Clara Lionel Foundation (CLF). (The group, founded in 2012, supports and funds education, health and emergency response programs around the world.

And while you are reading this, the European Parliament has witnessed sexist remarks from the Polish MEP Korwin Mikke on March 1st, 2017 and  just two weeks ago, won this battle by suspending him for one year. He is the reason, this very closed-minded cell in the society, why Maria Grazia Chuiri is fighting and empowering women. And we should all do that. 


Spring came to Florence. So i decided "why not having the photoshoot in the garden?". There are many beautiful locations in Florence, but I wanted to show you just a little piece of the Bardini garden. I can only hope that you will be able to smell the flowers, hear the birds singing and feel the warm air.
Happy Spring everyone!!!

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Prolece je stiglo u Firencu. Tako da sam odlucila "zasto ne bismo imali jedno slikanje u basti?". U Firenci ima mnogo lepih lokacija, ali ja zelim da vam prenesem barem delic Bardini baste. Nadam se da cete uspeti da pomirisite cvece, cujete pesmu ptica i da osetite topli vazduh.
Srecno prolece svima!

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