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BLACK, YELLOW OR WHITE. ONE VOICE SCREAMING. -  The fight for the equality has never stopped for the women. As a matter of fact, it just started again. 

Trough the history of shameless slavery to the powerful Women's March in January 2017, we have all witnessed how does it feels like to be a woman. In the last few months we have all seen a major shift in the way women are collectively making their voice heard. 

And then Dior entered the house. Maria Grazia Chuiri has recognized the pain in the society and created a master piece in her debut Spring 2017 collection. This Instagram’s obsession t-shirt has spoken to many. And yet, you may say “it's just a t-shirt”, but hold on your horses. 

This t-shirt will prove you it's power. Inspired by the Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's essay in 2014 with the same title, Maria Grazia Chuiri has a loud voice. Allowing this t-shirt to see the sun, she reminded us of the endless women's battle for equal rights and salaries , having the chance to go to school and work, equally managed household that shows us that anything a man could do, a woman could and should do to. Most of all, she reminded us of the liberation that many housewives had escaping from the heavy kitchen chains.

There are some days that we feel  like guilty feminists. Our personal experiences and the understanding of the bigger problem in the society of the inequality, aren't enough. We have to act and we have to do it now! 

 Women's voice has to be strong - and that comes with the latest Dior’s t-shirt. Maria Grazia Chuiri made taking the battlefield part possible, against hate and oppression, she is ensuring that the women’s movement continues, strengthens and grows. She has also collaborated with Rihanna which means that a portion of the sales from the  "We Should All Be Feminists" t-shirt will be donated to Rihanna's nonprofit organization, The Clara Lionel Foundation (CLF). (The group, founded in 2012, supports and funds education, health and emergency response programs around the world.

And while you are reading this, the European Parliament has witnessed sexist remarks from the Polish MEP Korwin Mikke on March 1st, 2017 and  just two weeks ago, won this battle by suspending him for one year. He is the reason, this very closed-minded cell in the society, why Maria Grazia Chuiri is fighting and empowering women. And we should all do that. 


Spring came to Florence. So i decided "why not having the photoshoot in the garden?". There are many beautiful locations in Florence, but I wanted to show you just a little piece of the Bardini garden. I can only hope that you will be able to smell the flowers, hear the birds singing and feel the warm air.
Happy Spring everyone!!!

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Prolece je stiglo u Firencu. Tako da sam odlucila "zasto ne bismo imali jedno slikanje u basti?". U Firenci ima mnogo lepih lokacija, ali ja zelim da vam prenesem barem delic Bardini baste. Nadam se da cete uspeti da pomirisite cvece, cujete pesmu ptica i da osetite topli vazduh.
Srecno prolece svima!

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Currently obsessed: FISHNET stockings

Spring is on it's way and so is the change of the wardrobe. This year i went crazy for the slingback shoes, big , oversized ruffled sleeves and fishnet stockings. There is something very sexy about them, they represent the feminine beauty and in the same way can be very elegant. Once you put them on, you can't resist them. Do not miss this spring trend!

Prolece je na putu i promena garderobe takodje. Ove godine sam totalno poludela za slingback cipelama, velikim talasastim rukavima i mreznim carapama. Ima nesto veoma sexy u vezi sa mrezastim carapama a u isto vreme i elegantno. Jednom kada ih obucete , necete im odoleti! Ne propustite ovaj prolecni trend!


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