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It was just a week ago since I attended one of Polimoda's graduation presentation when my colleagues  restyled "Lotto", the Italian sportswear brand. And just a few days later - voila!
I see it on Damir Doma's runway show last Sunday and I wonder - is this real?
There are no secrets when it comes to fashion today. We've seen trends and styles circulate  every few years but  for "Lotto", I forgot. And now it's back again.
Collaborations with emerging designers and sportswear brands are the key to success.
With Damir Doma, "Lotto" get's new, contemporary and urban freshness. Deconstructed patterns, asymmetric corsets, long coats and crispy poplin same as patchwork denim too, gives to sportswear brand a new note. Something that you can easily wear and see on the streets. Something that is scented with youth.

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